Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you take payment plans?"

Commissions that are able to be paid in full are more likely to be accepted.

If you need a payment plan I will take on very short ones of 3 months maximum.

"Do you work with minors?"

Wolfskin Studio only accepts commissioners 18 or over. Fursuit Commissions Require proof of age by ID. You can block out the important stuff as long as I have a name and age.

"Can I get a Refund?"

Refunds can be accommodated.

-If no work has been started & no Materials ordered you are entitled to a full refund.

-If the commission has been started and materials have been ordered, you are entitled to a partial refund.

-If the commission is completed, you will not receive a  refund. When the suit is completed you will be sent the suit and you can then resell it once in your possession. 

"What is your turn around time like?"

Depending on the suit type, Fullsuits can take 1 month. Partials can take Less then 1 month.

"Can you get my suit done by -This- Time?"

I am no longer accepting deadlines! 

"When do you open for commissions?"

Commission openings will be every 3 months. 3 slots will be available to be finished each in 1 months time.

"Whats your work schedule?"

Currently I work Mon-Sun 8AM to 7-8-9PM. I am currently working overtime and holidays to finish my current queue.

"Do you show Work in progress of my suit being made?"

Yes. I show commissioners wips before the public- Anywhere. Commissioners always get wips before anything is finished, so you'r suit is made to how you want it.

"I commissioned a partial, Can I come back and upgrade?"


"Do you make Premades?"


"Do Stuff for suits?"

Yes. Just tell me what you'd want and where you want it! SPZ, Add ons, Ect.

"Do I need a Reff sheet for my commission?"

Yes. I will need a 2-3 fullbody FLAT colored turn around reff sheet for your character. If you do not have one I can make you one for an additional $100.00

"Do you take anything else other then paypal?"

Short answer, Yes. I CAN accept payments through square, or Etsy but would prefer to do it through paypal until a better option becomes available.

"Can you help me pick out furs for my suit or Do I have to do that?"

I will only help commissioners look for furs and other materials. If you are not a commissioner I can give you tips on where to find your fabric but nothing else. Searching for fur and fabric is extremely time consuming and tedious, I do not have time to help strangers ):

"How much will shipping be?"

I can give you an estimated price via weighing your box and getting a quote online. Please be aware that shipping can go from anywhere of $50-$500 depending on where you are located and added insurance. This is NOT included in your commission base price and must be paid before shipping the suit out.

"Can you do moving jaws?"

We are currently not doing moving jaws! sorry~

"Can you make parts like Articulated tails or use Silicone pawpads?"

I am currently trying to expand in ways of doing more intricate design for suits, such as articulated tails, and the short answer is yes, I am capable and willing to try to make one. But please keep in mind that these more intricate and complicated additions can increase the price of your commission.

We are stepping away from using silicone, resin, and other parts we cant make ourselves, sorry!

What I WILL Make:

Commissions I WILL Take on:

  • Animal character (Canine, cat, horse, ect)

  • Demon or hell creatures

  • Werewolves or Werecreatures

  • Mythical creatures (to an extent of my ability)

  • Dragons or reptiles

  • Sharks?

What I WONT Make:

Commissions I WONT take on:

  • Dutch angel dragons (Sorry just my prefrence)

  • Robot or mech

  • Digimon, Pokemon, or game characters/creatures


If you have any comments or any other questions, please feel free to ask! You can email me at