Custom fitting foam base built from lightweight green foam. Durable, breathable, and easy to wear and made according to customer size.

hollowed out mouth and large eyes for good sight and ventilation.

Lined with black Neoprene material. Easy to clean, sweat wicking and none irritating on the skin. Lined head and neck.

Neoprene or Minky teeth, Velcro tongue with ability to be changed.

Large easy-to-see through eyes, magnetic eyelids (if you prefer), 3D or 2D styled eyes. High quality furs used. Minky nose, mouth, and tongue. 

Lined zippers for bodysuits.

(Usually minky or cotton)

4-5 Fingered Paws with quality minky pawpads, cuff lined with minky, none lined inside.

Custom Sized feet paws with 3 layers of foam bottoms - Green foam sewn into the foot liner, Anti fatigue foam and eva foam layered on the bottoms. Also lined with Neoprene material.

Neoprene pockets are also available. Hand sewn into your suit to carry phones, wallet, money, or glasses.

Digigrade suits have sewn in lining for padding with zippers and snaps to remove stuffing for easy cleaning.

Bodysuits also come with minky or neoprene lined neck, and are double stitched with clean edges.

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