Custom fit foam base built from lightweight green foam. Durable, breathable and easy to wear. Each head is made according to customer size.

Mouth is Hollowed out and large eyes for good sight and ventilation.


Heads are lined with black neoprene. Neoprene is stretchy, easy to clean and doesn't bleed dye. Neoprene also cools quickly so removing your head allows the material to cool a lot quicker then lycra. Also works very well if you have a fan installed!

photo_2021-02-26_09-58-13 (2).jpg

Large easy-to-see through eyes, waterproof, with magnetic eyelids (if you prefer) Your choice of Set-in or 2D styled eyes!

Neoprene or

Minky teeth

Velcro Minky



cute minky nose!

photo_2021-01-11_16-04-29 (2).jpg

Lined zippers for bodysuits.

(Usually minky or cotton)

Digigrade suits have sewn in lining for padding with zippers and snaps to remove stuffing for easy cleaning.


Neoprene pockets with zippers are also available. Hand sewn into your suit to carry phones, wallet, money or glasses!

photo_2021-02-26_09-58-12 (2).jpg

Plenty of feetpaw styles to choose from! From plushie, to slimmer paws to semi realistic!

Feetpaws are also lined with Black neoprene and made with three layers of different types of foam.

Feetpaws consist of 1 1inch layer of Eva foam, 1 1inch layer of Antifatigue matt, and 1 1/2inch layer of green foam to try and make feet as comfortable as possible.

Same with paws! Choose from Anthro styled, Feral styled or a style to closely resemble your character!

Paws are NOT lined but we do use Neoprene for padding for pawpads and toes.


We are now introducing zip on tails for commissions now!

Convenient Left & Right Tags on feetpaws. Never mix them up again! :D


Bodysuits come with minky or neoprene lined neck and are double stitched with clean edges.


Bodysuits also come with sewn in new WSS tags!

These are soft and wont irritate skin like most Tshirts do

(We hate that, We're sure you do too!)